Class Action Lawsuit Against Wright & Fillippis

Mason LLP filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Wright & Fillippis LLC (“W&F”) on December 05, 2022. W&F, located in Michigan, provides specialized health services in prosthetics and orthotics. This company was the target of data breach, which resulted in patients’ Private Information being exfiltrated and now in the hands of cybercriminals.  W&F sent out notice letters to people affected that their names, dates of birth, patient numbers, Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, health insurance information, and driver’s license numbers or state IDs may have been accessed and stolen. W&F failed to have adequate data security for its computer systems, so cyber criminals could easily access the Private Information of many people tied to W&F. W&F took a little over 3 months to figure out the data breach was successful in exfiltrating the personally identifiable information (“PII”) of over 877,000 people. Following this revelation, the company took another 5 and a half months to notify those affected by the breach. Data breaches make it easier for those affected to become victims of identity theft and fraud. They will have to spend time and money now and in the future to mitigate those risks that could have been avoided.