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FitBit Charge 5 Arbitration

Sep 1, 2023
Fitbit Charge 5 owners report the latest v194.61 update has made their wearable unusable. They complain of excessive battery drain, with the fitness band eventually showing a black screen. There seems to be no way to stop the Charge 5 from auto-updating itself. You can block the Fitbit app's access to the internet to prevent it from downloading the firmware, but this will cause a data syncing issue.

Real Page Antitrust Litigation

Mar 22, 2023
This matter arises from an unlawful antitrust price-fixing cartel directed at the U.S. market for multi-family property rentals involving RealPage, Inc. (“RealPage”), a real estate data analytics and rent price setting company, and its subscribers which include the largest multi-family residential lessors/property managers in the United States.  Beginning no later than 2016, RealPage facilitated a price-fixing cartel among its subscribers whereby RealPage fixed the lease prices and managed the output of its subscribers’ multifamily rental units on a day-to-day basis through the use of RealPage’s proprietary revenue management software currently referred to as “AI Revenue Management” (formerly referred to as “YieldStar”) resulting in unlawfully inflated lease prices paid by the lessors of apartments on multifamily residential buildings.   

Valve/Steam Game Overcharge Arbitration

Nov 21, 2022
Mason LLP represents tens of thousands of gamers with claims against  Valve, the owner of Steam.  These claims must be pursued in arbitration pursuant to the Steam Terms of Service.  The arbitration claims are related to a federal class action filed by Wolfire Games, a game publisher, claiming that Valve uses its monopoly power to force game publishers to sell their games through the Steam Store and to pay Valve supra-competitive commissions. This same conduct causes gamers to pay more for games as well. Game consumers tried to bring a class action, but the court ruled that these claims can only be pursued through individual arbitrations.  

JDC Healthcare Management, LLC Class Action Law Suit

Aug 31, 2022
Mason LLP’s Gary Mason has been appointed as Interim Co-Lead Counsel on JDC Healthcare Management LLC litigation. Interim Co-Lead Counsel will have sole authority over all matters concerning the prosecution of the class action against JDC on behalf of the Plaintiffs and the proposed class.

SoClean Class Action Lawsuit

Aug 5, 2022
 Ozone is a toxic gas that can kill bacteria and viruses, but there is a cost. If the concentration of the ozone is strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses, it is also unsafe for people and animals. Companies that manufacture devices that emit ozone are required to disclose that information. The SoClean CPAP sanitizer machines work in sterilizing machines, but the manufacturer has failed to disclose that its products emit ozone, according to a SoClean lawsuit. In fact, SoClean has claimed the devices are “safe” and “healthy”, the lawsuit claims. SoClean CPAP sanitizer owners may be able to join a class action lawsuit against the company for falsely advertising the safety of their products.