Real Page Antitrust Litigation

22 Mar, 2023

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What is the case about?

Mason LLP represents current and former apartment renters across the country who allege that they were overcharged for rent by their property managers.  These renters are claiming they have been overcharged by as much as 21% due to an illegal antitrust conspiracy and are owed a refund. 

These claims are related to a class action against RealPage, a provider of real estate management software, and scores of national property management companies, alleging that RealPage facilitated a price-fixing cartel among its subscribe property managers which allowed them to fix rental prices.  By subscribing to RealPage and sharing their data, the participating property managers unlawfully inflated lease prices paid by persons renting apartments in multifamily residential buildings.RealPage advertises on its website that its revenue management software can help its subscribers “outperform the market 5% to 7%.”  In other words, by using RealPage to set their prices, the property managers could expect to charge 5-7% more than they could otherwise charge in a competitive market. Since the antitrust laws provide for treble damage, you could recover as much as 15-21% of the total rent you paid to any of RealPage’s property manager subscribers since 2016.   

Mason LLP is not involved in the class action.  It is preparing to bring individual direct action claims on behalf of  it clients – individual apartment renters. By pursuing the strategy of litigating claims individually, Mason LLP will seek to maximize any potential recovery to each of its clients.

We estimate the overcharge to be 5-7% of the rent collected. The Sherman Act has a four year statute of limitations (from when the first class action was filed) and allow for treble damages.  Accordingly, our clients may be able to recover as much as 21% of their rent payments for the past four years or more.  For an average renter, that could amount to a recovery of $5,184 (before deduction of costs and fees). 

How can I claim a refund?

Mason LLP represents hundreds of persons who rented from property managers who used RealPage.  You can find out if you are a qualified renter by completeing the form below. 

If you would like to be represented by us on an individual basis and file a claim against RealPage and its property manager subscribers for recovery of the overcharges, here are the steps we would need you to take. 

1. First, please check the pull down menu on the form below to see if you rented from one of RealPage’s property manager subscribers or lived in one of their buildings.

2. Once you confirm you rented from one of RealPage’s property manager subscribers, please fill out the form below.  We will send you a Retainer AGreement for your review and signature.

3. We will provide regular updates and may ask you for additional information to complete your claim.  

Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means that the payment of fees and costs is “contingent” upon whether we obtain any recovery on your behalf. If there is no monetary award, you will not be obligated to pay any attorneys’ fees or costs.  All details regarding our fees  may be found in the Retainer Agreement.

There are absolutely no upfront or out-of-pocket fees or costs!

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