Class Action Settlement Reached with ITC

21 Mar, 2023

Judge Godbey, a Texas federal judge, gave his final approval in a class action settlement against Zywave Inc., and its subsidiary Insurance Technologies Corporation (“ITC”), an insurance software provider. This settlement is based off a data breach that occurred in 2021, which affected more than 4 million customers. Cybercriminals easily accessed Zywave’s computer network and comprised the names, addresses, dates of birth, login credentials, and other personal information of customers of insurance brokers. Those brokers were customers of Zywave and ITC.

The final approval settlement amounted to 11 million dollars. Of this amount, Class representatives will each receive $2,000. California subclass members whose SSN and/or driver’s license information may have been stolen will receive $100-$300. Class members may also receive up to $25 an hour for up to 8 hours of attested lost time. Additionally, class members may be reimbursed up to $5000 for out-of-pocket expenses. Lastly, class members will also receive up to 12 months of credit monitoring through Aura with a $1 million protection policy.

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