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Wage & Hour

The misclassification of employees (W2 workers) as independent contractors (1099 workers) is a growing problem in the United States. MLK represents persons wrongly classified as contractors because it saves companies from providing employee benefits like health care and overtime. MLK has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of misclassified workers. Our noteworthy cases include:

  • Howard Bland, Jr. and David Rupp v. CalFrac Well Services Corp.,  2:12-cv-1407 (W.D. Pa.) (FLSA collective action and class action settled for $6 million) (2016). 
  • Snodgrass v. Bob Evans Farms, Inc.,No: 2:12-cv-768 (S.D. Ohio) ((FLSA collective action and class action settled for $16.5 million) (2016) 
  • Craig v. Rite Aid Corporation, Civil No. 08-2317 (M.D. Pa.) (FLSA collective action and class action settled for $20.9 million) (2013). 
  • Stillman v. Staples, Inc.,Civil No. 07-849 (D.N.J. 2009) (FLSA collective action, plaintiffs’ trial verdict for $2.5 million; national settlement approved for $42 million) (2010). 
  • Lew v. Pizza Hut of Maryland, Inc., Civil No. CBB-09-CV-3162 (D. Md.) (FLSA collective action, statewide settlement for managers-in-training and assistant managers, providing recompense of 100% of lost wages) (2011).