Mason LLP Pursues Class Action Lawsuit Against DC Health Link

Mason LLP, a firm affected by the DC Health Link (“DCHL”) data breach, was the first to file a class action lawsuit against DCHL on March 14, 2023. This lawsuit stems from the unauthorized access and exfiltration of Personally Identifiable Information of thousands of individuals who receive insurance benefits through this carrier. This breach has impacted not just members of the firm and their dependents along with thousands of others, but also members of Congress and their families.

Hackers were able to retrieve this data from Defendant’s computer servers and sold it on the dark web, where it has been posted publicly making thousands of individuals vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Some of the personal information included: Social Security numbers, home addresses, names, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers, health insurance information, etc. Had DC Health Link utilized adequate data protection and security this incident could have been avoided.