Mason LLP Partner Danielle Perry Appointed to Executive Committee in Connexin Data Breach Class Action

[Washington, DC: April 7, 2023] – Mason LLP is pleased to announce that partner Danielle Perry has been appointed to the Executive Committee in the data breach class action against Connexin, a leading provider of practice management software. Perry brings her extensive experience in complex litigation and consumer protection to this important case.

The class action lawsuit was filed after a data breach at Connexin compromised the personal and financial information of 2.2 million consumers. The breach, which occurred in August 2022, was caused by a vulnerability in Connexin’s security systems that allowed hackers to access sensitive data.

As a member of the Executive Committee, Perry will work alongside other experienced attorneys to represent the interests of the affected customers and seek compensation for their losses. Her expertise in class action litigation and consumer protection will be invaluable in this effort.

Perry is a partner at Mason LLP, where she focuses her practice on complex litigation, including class actions and consumer protection. She has a proven track record of achieving favorable results for her clients and has been recognized for her legal work in complex litigious matters. For example, Ms. Perry was designated as court-appointed Co-Lead Counsel in the dog food case In re Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. Dog Food Prods. Liab. Litg., where Ms. Perry played a significant part in obtaining recovery for clients and class members who purchased dog food with sometimes lethal amounts of vitamin D, participating in client interviews, discovery, and preparing settlement and settlement approval papers.

For more information about the Connexin data breach class action, please contact Danielle Perry at [email protected]