JDC Healthcare Management, LLC Class Action Law Suit

31 Aug, 2022

Mason LLP’s Gary Mason has been appointed as Interim Co-Lead Counsel on JDC Healthcare Management LLC litigation. Interim Co-Lead Counsel will have sole authority over all matters concerning the prosecution of the class action against JDC on behalf of the Plaintiffs and the proposed class. These are some of the following responsibilities with this role:

  • Coordinating the work of preparing and presenting all the Plaintiffs’ claims and otherwise coordinating all proceedings, including organizing and supervising the efforts of Plaintiffs’ counsel in manner to ensure that Plaintiffs’ pretrial preparation is conducted effectively, efficiently, expeditiously, and economically
  • Work responsibilities and monitoring the activities of all Plaintiffs’ counsel in a manner to promote the orderly and efficient conduct of this litigation and to avoid unnecessary duplication and expense;
  • Calling meetings of Plaintiffs’ counsel for any appropriate purpose, including coordinating responses to questions of other parties or of the Court, and initiating proposals, suggestions, schedules, and any other appropriate matters;
  • Determining (after consultation with other co—counsel as may be appropriate) and presenting (in briefs, oral argument, or such other fashion as he or his designee may deem appropriate) to the Court and opposing parties the position of the Plaintiffs on all matters arising during pretrial (and, if appropriate, trial) proceeding;
  • Serving as the primary contact for all communications between Plaintiffs and Defendants. And acting as spokespersons for all Plaintiffs vis-à-vis Defendants and the Court;
  • Directing and executing on behalf of Plaintiffs the filing of pleadings and other documents with the Court;
  • Appearing at all court hearings and conferences regarding the case as most appropriate for effective and efficient representation, and speaking for Plaintiffs at all such hearings and conferences;
  • Initiating and conducting discussions and negotiations with counsel for Defendants on all matters, including settlement;
  • Negotiating and entering into stipulations with opposing counsel as necessary for the conduct of the litigation;
  • Initiating, coordinating, and conducting all discovery on Plaintiffs’ behalf and ensuring its efficiency; Selecting, consulting with, and employing experts for Plaintiffs, as necessary;
  • Encouraging and enforcing efficiency among all Plaintiffs’ counsel;
  • Assessing Plaintiffs’ counsel for the costs of the litigation;
  • Preparing and distributing periodic status reports to the Court and to the parties as ordered;
  • Developing and recommending for Court approval practices and procedures pertaining to attorneys’ fees and expenses as further detailed below and, on an ongoing basis. Monitoring and administering such procedures. At such time as may be appropriate, Co-Lead Counsel also will recommend apportionment and allocation of fees and expenses, subject to Court approval;
  • Performing such other duties as are necessary in connection with the prosecution of this litigation, or as may be further directed by the Court

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