ESPN Video Privacy Protection Act Mass Arbitration

14 Apr, 2023

Mason LPP’s investigation of ESPN has revealed that it is using the Meta Pixel on its website in violation of the federal Video Privacy Protection Act.  ESPN is violating federal and state privacy laws by using a tracking tool, known as the Meta Pixel,  to secretly gather data about ESPN subscribers – specifically, their unique Facebook IDs and details about the videos they’ve watched on the ESPN website – and pass along the data to Meta (formerly known as Facebook)  without informed written consent.
What Am I Signing Up For?
You’re signing up to participate in something called “mass arbitration,” which is different from a class action lawsuit and involves many consumers filing individual arbitration claims against the same company over the same issue.
What Could I Recover?
The VPPA provides for statutory damages of $2,500, plus attorneys fees and costs.  While there are no guarantees, it’s possible that those who participate in the mass arbitration could be entitled to as much as $2,500.

Our No-Cost Promise

When you sign up below, we will reach out with a retainer for you to sign, which enables us to represent your interests in the case. Details regarding the representation are in the retainer. However, we want to emphasize our “No Cost Promise.”

Our firm simply works on a contingency fee basis, which means that our getting paid is “contingent” upon whether we obtain any recovery on your behalf.  You will NOT BE obligated to pay for any attorneys’ fees or costs. If we succeed in your case, the settlement will cover our fees and costs into consideration along with the payout for you, our client. If the lawsuit is unsuccessful,  we will be responsible for all costs of the case and you will owe us nothing. Additional details regarding fees and costs may be found in the retainer.

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