D.C. Speed Cameras

MLK is pursuing a class action on behalf of all persons who were issued a speeding violation by the Automated Ticketing Enforcement (“ATE”) System located on Interstate 295 in Washington, D.C., 0.4 miles south of Pennsylvania Avenue SE headed southwest bound, where the civil fine was doubled for a work zone. 

The lawsuit is a constitutional challenge to D.C.'s  persistent and widespread custom and practice of using its ATE system for revenue generation. The lawsuit alleges that D.C.  knowingly and intentionally used the ATE speed camera located on

Interstate 295 to raise millions of dollars of revenue, by doubling the civil fines for a work zone that does not exist or that is improperly marked. The lawsuit further alleges that D.C. knowingly and intentionally recalibrated, and continues to recalibrate, other speed cameras along Interstate 295 to reflect work zones that did not have (and do not have) multiple warning signs when work is not in progress. 

If  you received a doubled fine for driving through  a "work zone,"  please register here.  You will receive an email from us requesting more detailed information so we can evaluate your claim. 


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